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3D Flower Tatting (Terachi Yuuko)
Approx. 5 patterns; 44 pages. This book shows step by step how to make 3D tatted flowers which includes beads. Patterns are written and diagrammed with several photos. English and Japanese text (T473)
Price: $25.95

Fancy Pants (Edwards)
For those wanting to learn shuttle tatting. There are over 100 photographs that take you step by step. (T111)
Price: $9.95

Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments (edited by Barbara Foster)
Approx. 18 patterns and 24 pages. Patterns are for needle and shuttle tatters, for beginners and up. Patterns are snowflakes and motifs. The snowflakes and motifs can be used to put over the satin covered balls and eggs. (T337)
Price: $11.95

Flights of Fantasy (Martha Ess)
Approx 12 patterns & 38 pages. Includes dragons, tiny knight, baby dragon, unicorn, pegasus and more.(T414)
Price: $19.95

Flitting Fingers Tatting in the nineteenth century (Virginia Mescher)
Approx. 19 vintage patterns; 110 pages. This book is a history of tatting in the nineteenth century. Virginia has referenced over 60 different books and magazines from the 1800’s. Some of the chapters include: Early tatting history, tatting tools and materials, tatting needles, uses for tatting, patterns from the nineteenth century, patents for tatting. Virginia has done a lot of research and this is a very nice book! (T210)
Price: $14.95

Flower Motif Tatting Lace (Youko Hatakeyama)
Approx. 9 patterns; 23 pages. Includes necklaces, bracelet, earrings, a small clutch cover, collar, scarves and vest. Patterns are 3D floral motifs. Diagrammed and both English and Japanese text. NOTE the sweater on cover is not in the book it is made from the scarf which is in the book. (T480)
Price: $34.95

Flutter Home (Karey Solomon)
Approx 15 patterns; 26 pages. Butterflies, lady bug and dragonfly. (T307)
Price: $7.95

Frivolite 2 (Realce)
Approx. 16 patterns; 14 pages. Includes doilies and edgings. All patterns diagramed. Recommended for experienced tatters. (T50)
Price: $4.95

Frivolite dentelle auz navettes
Approx 13 patterns + alphabet; 72 pages. Includes necklaces, ear ring, square doilies. French text, diagramming, VERY hard to follow. (T345)
Price: $41.95

Frivolite Relace No. 426
Approx. 19 patterns; 15 pages. Patterns includes; tray edging, potpourri covers, towel insertions, butterfly, place mat, collar, tatting on sheets and pillow cases. Text is Spanish, patterns diagrammed. The patterns in this book are also in Il Lavoro Chiacchierino # 9. (T209)
Price: $19.95

Fun Tatting Lace (Sugimoto)
Approx. 18 patterns; 79 pages. Includes; Necklaces, a doily, small motifs, floral motifs, butterfly and more. Japanese text.(T495)
Price: $36.95

Fun with Split Ring (Karen Bovard)
Approx. 55 patterns; 66 pages. She explains how to do shuttle tatting split ring. The first 25 pages pages goes into great detail about split ring, construction, how to follow the diagrams, etc. Patterns includes edgings, crosses, heart, medallion which she shows how to make a bigger project etc. Patterns are ALL diagrammed. (T379)
Price: $24.95

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