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Celtic Tatting a Design Journey on an Ancient Theme (Linden)
Approx.37 patterns; 50 pages. Patterns include; edgings, knot leaf, shade pull, watch band, crosses, and the alphabet. This book was revised 2014. (T297)
Price: $25.95

Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns (Linden and Handy Hands)
Approx. 12 patterns; 28 pages. This is true Celtic as the patterns are chains and then weaved into Celtic knots. Includes cross, butterfly, snowflake, collar, edgings, ear rings, hearts and flowers. For Needle or Shuttle Tatters. (T250)
Price: $11.95

Chiacchierino Ad Ago (Alicja Kwartnik)
Approx. 10 patterns and 64 pages. This book has needle tatting instructions. Patterns include; edgings, purse, ornaments, beaded projects, jewelry and more. Italian Text diagram. (T367)
Price: $34.95

Chiacchierino I Gioielli (annamaria Riccardi)
Approx. 24 patterns; 57 pages. Includes necklaces, bracelets, and ear rings. Patterns are diagrammed. Italian Text. (T420)
Price: $32.95

Christmas Angels & Other Tatting Patterns (Hahn)
Approx. 51 patterns; 32 pages. Includes angels, tree, coverings for Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, snowman, collars, note paper designs, necklace, doily, ear ring, butterfly, napkin rings, & more. (T20)
Price: $4.95

Circle of Children (Solomon)
Approx. 7 patterns; 34 pages. Tatting techniques include split ring, Cluny, bridge stitch, floating chain and more. Patterns include different children, an onion sauce pincushion, and bookmark. (T155)
Price: $14.95

Close to my Heart (Karey Solomon)
Approx. 9 patterns; 26 pages. Patterns include; Necklaces and amulet bags. Some of the patterns have beading and they can be easily customized. Pick whichever cord/strap you like for any of the bags. (T515)
Price: $10.00

Cluny Tatting Designs (Botchlet)
Approx. 17 patterns; 19 page booklet. The technique of cluny tatting is shown for shuttle tatters. Needle tatters follow the shuttle with the needle weaving through the threads. Includes medallion, bookmarks, edging, rose, cross, heart and more Diagrammed patterns. Recommended for experienced tatters. (T43)
Price: $9.00

Complete book of Tatting (Jones)
Approx. 132 patterns; 112 pages. Includes edgings, butterflies, motifs, notepaper, 3-D flowers, Christmas items, bookmarks, alphabet, numbers, doodles, Zodiac doodles, baby items, and much more. All patterns are diagrammed. (T19)
Price: $22.95

Creare Ciolielli Con IL (Alicja Kwartnik)
Approx. 10 patterns and 64 pages. This book has needle tatting instructions. Patterns include; Jewelry with beads. Italian Text Basic diagrams. (T368)
Price: $34.95

Crocheted & Tatted Yokes & Collars, Book 2
Approx 12 tatted patterns; 144 pages A collection of early 20th century patterns Edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot. (T181)
Price: $21.95

Crosses in Split Ring Tatting (Karen Bovard)
Approx. 50 patterns; 50 pages. Includes; 48 different crosses in split ring as well as 2 Star of David designs. To do the patterns knowledge of split ring tatting. Patterns are diagrammed only (T502)
Price: $25.00

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