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A Flight of Angels (Ess)
Approx. 15 patterns; 32 pages. Includes angels. Patterns are written and diagrammed. (T465)
Price: $20.00

A Host of Angels (Christel Weidman)
Approx. 13 patterns and 36 pages. Patterns are Angels. This book is for needle or shuttle tatters, a Handy Hands publication. Patterns are diagrammed.(T410)
Price: $13.95

A Little O' This a Little O' Tat (Kaye Judt)
Approx patterns 24 and 40 pages. Patterns include: Heart, chick, bat, a beaver, flip flop edging, bookmarks, snowflakes, and more. Kaye uses some of the techniques that are from her book "Oh My Stars" for the projects. Note this books is back into print. (T349)
Price: $20.00

A Tatter's Workbook
Be sure and double click the book cover to see a sample page from the book. Approx. 172 patterns, 112 pages. Includes corner and straight edgings, medallions, round doily borders,collar border. This is a most unusual and fascinating collection of tatting patterns as recorded in a New England notebook by an anonymous tatter in the 1920's. The patterns are accompanied by actual samples of the finished design and are enlarged so the actual stitches can be counted, the worked piece serving as a graphic diagram. (T198)
Price: $23.95

Advanced Bead Tatting -II #23 - Nina Libin
Approx 9 patterns and 24 pages. Patterns include: Pendent necklaces and ear rings. Advanced techniques used are; Maltese rings, Self Closing mock rings and split rings. Intermediate- advanced tatting level. (T545)
Price: $6.95

Advanced Fancy Pants (Edwards)
Techniques for shuttle tatters with 70+ photos. Covers lock stitch, shoelace trick, mock picot, split rings,mignonette stitch, cluny tatting, working with beads, block tatting split chain/bridge stitch, mock rings, pearl tatting and more. Four medallions patterns. For Edwards beginner book see Fancy Pants. (T112)
Price: $9.95

Around The House (Stevens)
Approx. 16 patterns; 50 pages. Includes bookmarks, bracelet, necklace, coasters, lampshade, collar and more. Several hints, and beads are used in some of the patterns. (T178)
Price: $21.95

One-Shuttle Tatting (Lindsay Rogers)
Approx 14 patterns and 80 pages. Patterns include:Edgings, flower patterns, square and round motifs,cobweb doily and jewelry. There are variations of the patterns. All single shuttle patterns that are good for both needle and shuttle tatters.(T546)
Price: $14.95

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