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Lace Fan Quilt
Lace Fan Quilt

Definitions of Abbreviations
R...Ring Sp...Small Picot 1/8"
Cl...Close ( - )..Picot
SR..Small Ring Lg...Large Ring
CR..Center Ring ( + )..Join

# 7 Fine Tatting Needle
or Tatting Shuttle
Size 30 thread

Needle tatters cut your thread off the ball Ring and Thread Method™ or Shuttle tatters using one shuttle.

CR 5, sp, 6, sp, 3, sp, 3, sp, 3, sp, 3, sp, 3, sp, 3, sp, 3, sp, 1 Cl. Cut and tie.
SR 5, sp, 5+(to 2nd picot of CR), 5, sp, 5 Cl. Leave 1/8" space.
LR 6, sp, 3-3-3-3-3 sp, 6 Cl. Leave 1/8" space.
*SR 5+(to last picot of Prev. SR)5+(next picot of CR)5, sp, 5 Cl. Leave 1/8" space.
LR 6+(to last picot of Prev. LR) 3-3-3-3-3-3, sp, 6 Cl. Leave 1/8" space.*
Repeat from * to * until there are a total of 7 LR and 8 SR.
After tatting one this will determine the size of your fan blade. You can either join tatted piece as you tat or sew them on separately.