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Split Ring Technique

Working off the ball thread.
R 5-5-5 Cl
R 5-5 (Illus.1).

Turn the needle around and un-thread the needle (Illus. 2)
Do 5-5 using the needle thread, that was just un-threaded, passing the double stitches over the eye end of the needle (Illus. 3)
Turn the needle back around, re-thread the needle (Illus. 4) now close the ring as usual*
Repeat from * to * for desired length (Illus. 5).

Images are clickable to larger images for your convenience.

Illus. 1          Illus. 2


Illus. 3           Illus. 4

Illus. 5

A. Half the double stitches are made with the ball thread and half the double stitches with the needle thread.
B. If you want the rings to have a right and wrong side. When making the double stitches with the needle thread, make the second half of the double stitch first and the first half of the double stitch next.
C. Try using two colors, reversing after each ring giving an interesting look.

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