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The following is a list of international shops & distributors that carry the Lizbeth Thread.

NOTE: the list is in alphabetical order.


Shop Name: Crochet Australia

E-mail: info@crochetaustralia.com.au

Website: www.crochetaustralia.com.au


Shop Name:Yarn Over

E-mail: info@yarnover.com.au

Website: www.yarnover.com.au


Shop Name: Des Fils En Folie

Area: Quebec

E-mail: bebete@hotmail.ca

Website: http://www.desfilsenfolie.com


Shop Name: Maritime Hobbies and Crafts Ltd.

Area: Nova Scotia

E-mail: maritime.craft.ladies@gmail.com

Website: http://www.maritimehobbies.com


Shop Name: Quilting buy a Yard or 2

Area: Ontario

E-mail: quiltingbuyayardor2.ca

Website: www.quiltingbuyayardor2.ca


Shop Name: Sew Fancy, Inc

Area: Ontario

E-mail: sales@sewfancy.com

Website: www.sewfancy.com


Shop Name: Stitch-It Central

Area: Ontario

E-mail: sales@stitchitcentral.ca

Website: www.stitchitcentral.ca


Shop Name: Twisted Barn

Area: Alberta

E-mail: twistedbarn@cciwireless.ca


Shop Name: Viviel Fine Lacemaking Supplies

Area: Quebec

E-mail: info@lacemakingsupplies.com

Website: www.lacemakingsupplies.com



Shop Name: Terra Store

E-mail: yiyidiy2011@163.com

Website: http://yiyidiy.taobao.com


Shop Name: Kniplestuen

E-mail: info@kniplestuen.dk

Website: www.kniplestuen.dk


Shop Name: Fiveways Arts and Crafts

E-mail: info@fivewaysartsandcrafts-brighton.co.uk

Website: www.fivewaysartsandcrafts-brighton.co.uk


Shop Name & Distributor: Roseground

E-mail address: supplies@roseground.com

Website: www.roseground.com/


Shop Name: Tatting and Design

E-mail address: enquiry@tatting.co.uk

Website: http://www.tatting.co.uk/


Shop Name: Frivolite Lilas Lace


Website: http://frivolite.fr


Shop Name: Aenigma.Design

E-mail: aenigma.design@googlemail.com

Website: www.spitzenocchi.com

Hong Kong

Shop Name: Kitto Kan’s Workshop

E-mail: kittokan@gmail.com

Website: www.kittokan.com


Shop Name: Lazy Daisy

E-mail: lazydaisyland@yahoo.com.hk


Shop Name: Pansy Studio

E-mail: kitnam@netvigator.com


Shop Name: A4 Skrifstofa Og Skoli

E-mail: elfa@a4.is

Website: www.a4.is


Shop Name: The Constant Knitter

E-mail: info@theconstantknitter.ie

Website: http://www.theconstantknitter.ie


Shop Name: Fantasia Di Frigerio Francesca

E-mail: ordini@fantasiashop.it

Website: http://www.fantasiashop.it


Shop Name: MaryLine srl

E-mail: info@maryline.it

Website: www.cosebelleweb.it


Shop Name & Distributor: Spazio Ricamo

E-mail: info@spazioricamo.it

Website: www.spazioricamo.it


Shop Name:Tombolo & Disegni

E-mail: pesci60@tombolodisegni.it

Website: http://www.tombolodisegni.it


Shop Name: Aphyu

E-mail: lace@aphyu-tatting.jp

Website:  www.aphyu.jp


Shop Name: Atelier Shishicass

E-mail: Shishicass@miracle.ocn.ne.jp

Website: http://shishicass.com/


Shop Name: Crochet

E-mail: info@crochet-studio.com

Website: www.crochet-studio.com


Shop Name: Doi Shugei

E-mail: info-doi@bp.iij4u.or.jp

Website: www.doishugei.com


Shop Name: Echizenya

E-mail: info@echizen-ya.net

Website: www.echizen-ya.net


Shop Name: Kameshima

E-mail: info@kameshima.co.jp

Website: www.kameshima.co.jp


Shop Name: Kinuya

E-mail: info@kinuya.biz

Website: www.kinuya.biz


Distributor: Yuki Limited

E-mail: yukiltd@kyi.biglobe.ne.jp

Website: http://yuki-limited.jp/


Shop Name: Heikina De Ruijter

E-mail: bestelling@heikina.nl

Website: http://www.heikina.nl

New Zealand

Shop Name: JJ's Crafts Ltd.

E-mail: info@jjscrafts.co.nz

Website: http://www.jjscrafts.co.nz


Shop Name: Hobbyverden

E-mail: trimar@frisurf.no

Website: www.hobbyverden.no


Shop Name: Pasmanteria Internetowa Haftix

E-mail: poczta@epasmanteria.pl


Shop Name: Monna Lisa d.o.o

E-mail: info@monna-lisa.si

Website: www.monna-lisa.si

South Africa

Shop Name: Hazel Blomkamp's Fine Needlecraft

E-mail: info@hazelblomkamp.co.za

Website: http://www.hazelblomkamp.co

South Korea

Shop Name: Ancalls Yarn

E-mail: ancalls@ancalls.com

Website: www.ancalls.com


Shop Name: Banulstory

E-mail: solbit@naver.com

Website: www.banul.co.kr


Shop Name & Distributor: Kiss the Lace

E-mail: choits00@gmail.com

Website: www.kiss-the-lace.com


Shop Name: Jade home & Flower


Website: http://jdhomeflower.shoplineapp.com




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