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Needle Tatted Tortoise Earrings

Needle Tatted Tortoise Earrings
Rosa Tortuga 10/1999
by Brenda Bonilla

Definitions of Abbreviations
( - )....Picot (1/8" or less)
Clr.....Close Ring

Lj...Lock Join - Join with the needle thread, there should only be the joining loop on the needle, now slide that loop off the needle all the way down as a chain, do not tie a knot before or after the Lj.

Soff...Slide the double stitches off the needle, like a chain.

  • 2.50 yds Cebelia, size 20 (Moss green # 3052)
  • # 5-0 Tatting Needle
  • 2 - Black Beads size 11
  • 19 - Brown Beads size 11
  • Crochet hook for joins
  • French Hook Ear Wires
Needle Instructions, working off the ball
String 2 black beads and then 19 brown beads onto the ball thread. Thread needle, leaving a 4" tail and start the first double stitch about 27" from the needle. Do not reverse or tie a knot unless it is stated. You will begin in the center of the tortoise.

R 3, -3, -3, -3, Clr. Tie.

     Making picots for the chains; first leave 1/8" space before making the double stitches for the chain, when it is drawn up it will be a picot for joining, this is how the picots ( - ) are made for joining the chain. The picot is formed before any double stitches are on the needle.

Ch -6, Soff , Lj(to first picot of prev ring),-6, Soff, Lj(to next picot of prev ring), -6 Soff, Lj(to next picot of prev.ring), -6, Soff, Lj(to next picot).

Ch -8, Soff, Lj (to next picot), -8, Soff, Lj (to next picot), -8, Soff, Lj (to next picot),
     -8 Soff,

Lj (to next picot).

Ch -7, (pull up 4 beads), 4, Soff, Lj(to next picot), 4, (pull up 4 beads), 6, Soff, Lj(to next picot), 1, (pull up 3 beads), 1, Soff, Lj(in the same picot), 6, (pull up 4 beads), 4, Soff, Lj(to next picot), 4, (pull up 4 beads), 7, Soff, Lj(to last picot). Tie do not reverse.

R 6, (pull up 1 bead), 2, -2, (pull up 1 bead), 6 Clr. Tie, hide threads, cut.

© Copyright by Barbara Foster. All rights reserved

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