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24 Snowflakes in Tatting (Lene Bjorn)
Translated into English from the Danish book '24 Julesjerner i Orkis' Includes 24 snowflakes; 32 pages. (T197)

Schiffchenspitze Ochi-Frivolite
Approx. 55 patterns; 139 pages. Hardcover book. Includes edgings, small and medium motifs, snowflakes, and a cross. Some of the patterns are diagrammed. German Text.(T421)

Sheep May Safely Graze (Solomon)
Approx. 3 patterns; 18 pages. Two large doilies with sheep around the edge. (T47)

Shuttle Tatting Without a Teacher
This book shows how to shuttle tat. It covers how to make the double stitch, picot, joining etc. Includes a beginner pattern. By Betty Alderson edited by Pete Alderson & Mary Maynard. (T292)

Shuttleworth Cottage (Solomon)
There are 50 pages. Cottage wall hanging. Includes several less often used tatting techniques such as; Floating chains, lock chains, floating lock chains, Josephine rings and chains, beadwork, and more. (T280)

Small Tatted Accessories (Peikko)
Approx. 32 patterns; 87 pages. Includes edgings, collar, motifs and flowers. Diagrammed, Japanese text. (T357)

Approx. 19 patterns; 55 pages. Includes hanky edging, snowflakes, covering for satin eggs, napkin ring holder, and doilies. Patterns are diagrammed. German Text.(T239)

Spitzen-Kreationen (Susanne Schwenke)
Approx. 22 patterns; 58 pages. Includes doily and hanky edgings, medallions or snowflakes and doilies. Patterns are all diagrammed and short hand written in German Text. There is an English conversion for the definitions of abbreviations. (T306)

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Sumie Tatting
Approx. 17 patterns and 64 pages. This book has basic instructions in tatting. Patterns include; edgings, cross and small medallions. Japanese Text includes diagrams. (T366)

Sweet Knottings
Approx. 12 doily patterns; 28 pages. (T194)

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