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12 Ornaments of Christmas (Ginny Weathers)
There are 12 patterns and 32 pages. Patterns are for covering different glass ornament, beads are used. Patterns only diagrammed.(T386)

12 Ornaments of Christmas Book 2 (Ginny Weathers)
There are 12 patterns and 37 pages. Patterns are for covering glass ornaments, beads are used. Patterns only diagrammed.(T387)

12 Tatted Fairy-Tales (Inga Madsen) - T267
There are 64 pages. Includes princess and the pea, fir tree, clumsy Hans, sweethearts, ugly duckling, thumberlina, tinder-box, shepherdess and the sweep, ole-luk-oie, money-box snowman and teapot. Patterns are diagrammed no written instructions. (T267)

15 Tiny Tatted Angels
Approx. 15 patterns; 19 pages. These angels are approx. 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches in size. They are made using a size 30 thread. A larger size can be used to make the angels bigger. (T291)

A Tatting Adventure
Approx. 12 patterns and 32 pages. Ben is from the Netherlands and this is his third book. This book is recommended for intermediate to experience tatters. Patterns include edgings, doilies and hanky. Patterns have written instructions and are also diagrammed. (T275)

Celtic Tatted Leaves & Flowers (Linden)
Approx 7 patterns; 30 pages. Includes flowers and leaves ALL Celtic patterns. Revised (T439)

Contemporary Tatting (Judith Connors)
Back in print from the original edition. Approx. 15 patterns; 64 pages. Includes wedding garter, doily, 3-D rose flower, choker, 3-D tropical orchid & more. Techniques shown are central mock ring, Dora Youngs knot, downward picot, inverted tatting and more. Patterns are diagrammed and some written instructions. (T287)

Tat Marks the Spot (Solomon)
Approx. 19 patterns; 30 pages. Modern bookmarks of all kinds. (T74)

Tat's Amore (Martha Ess)
Approx. 18 patterns; 32 pages. Patterns are different hearts. Includes heart with scallops, shells, grapes, forsynthias bouquets and more. (T312)

Tat's Where I Stopped (Nancy Tracy)
Approx. 12 patterns; 37 pages. A year of tatted bookmarks. Patterns are written and also diagrammed. Bookmark patterns include; snowman, rainbow, jack O' lanterns, mittens, baseball and bat, sunflower, heart, pencil, leaves and more.(T300)

Tatted Angels and More (Passinger)
Approx. 26 patterns and 41 pages. Patterns include angels, cross, snowflake and more. (T352)

Tatted Animals
Approx. 12 patterns 32 pages. Includes snail, bird, butterfly, cat, dog, elephant, giraffe, horse, ladybug, monkey, squirrel and teddy bear. Patterns are diagrammed. This is a really nice book!! (T241)

Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito
Translated from the book 'Tatting 101 Motifs & Edgings'. A collection of colorful designs by the foremost Japanese tatting artist. Exquisite delicacy which fully ulilize the magic of color and shade to create whimsical borders and motifs. All designs shown by color photo, charted diagrams and clear working illustrations. (T236)

Tatted Baby Gift Set (Stearns)
Approx. 12 patterns; 13 page booklet. Includes booties, baby bonnet, picture, frame, five edgings, two crosses, and heart. (T103)

Tatted Bookmarks - Bjorn
There are 12 Cross bookmarks and 32 pages. Patterns are diagramed. (T238)

Tatted Bookmarks Needle & Shuttle (Edited by Barbara Foster)
Approx. 16 patterns; 24 pages. Includes American flag, hearts, crosses, butterfly, cupids arrow and more. This book has references for both needle and shuttle tatters. This book is also listed in the books area. (T199)

Tatted Butterflies - Adelheid Dangela
Approx. 19 pattens; 32 pages. A collection of butterfly designs from simple to spectacular. Patterns are only diagrammed. (T226)

Tatted Butterfly Garden (Linden)
Approx 7+ patterns; 28 pages. CELTIC tatting patterns ONLY. Includes butterflies and flowers. You can mix and match the center bodies and wings for a different looking butterfly. This is NOT a beginner book. (T343)

Tatted Doilies
Approx. 14 patterns; 32 pages. Patterns are doilies. Patterns are only diagrammed, no written instructions. (T262)

Tatted Easter Eggs (Kirsten Wind Hansen)
Approx. 24 Patterns and 32 pages. The tatted eggs are all flat like medallions. Patterns are all diagrammed. (T255)

Tatted Gathering of Angels (Myers)
Approx. 12 patterns and 28 pages. This is a very nice collection of angel patterns! Revised and reprinted from Handy Hands, Inc. (T195)

Tatted Greetings (Passinger)
There are 6 patterns and 12 pages. Patterns are greeting designs. There are line drawings for you to make your own cards. This is a booklet and does not include the cards.(T289)

Tatted Hair Pin Lace Butterflies
Approx. 6 patterns; 25 pages. Includes; Butterflies combine tatted and hairpin lace to make this the butterflies.(T436)

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Tatted Handkerchiefs - K. Nikolajsen & I. L. Nikolajsen
Approx. 12 patterns; 32 pages. A collection of edgings worked on straight and curved square hankies. Patterns are only diagrammed. (T225)

Tatted Holly-Berry Ornaments (Snowgoose)
There are 3 patterns in packet. (T186)

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